Fifteen Minute Workouts Can Improve Your Performance (Musical And Otherwise)

12239978They say that health is wealth. And indeed, this saying rings true since how can you hope to make money if you are sick all the time, or feeling tired, run down and low on energy?

This is especially true for musicians, since it is impossible to preform at our best when we are out of shape and sickly.

Keeping healthy also means both diet and exercise. While having a proper diet can be integrated within one’s daily routine without the person using up additional time, exercise, on the other hand, will take time, and another proverb that holds true says that time is gold. With this, how does one balance being fit but having low impact on one’s daily schedule? Well, thank the heavens for fifteen minute workouts!

These types of workouts are great because not only do they only take up minimal time (15 minutes) but they also won’t leave you tired and needing a nap afterwards like long grueling routines can. In fact working out for 15 minutes can actually pump you full of energy and leave you feeling like you can take on the world. And, lets not forget that exercising like this is great for circulation which can help if you are a man and you have been suffering from any sort of “penis problems” like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Working out regularly will help you get the nourishing blood flowing so that you can keep you manhood rock hard like when you were a young buck! This is actually something that is discussed at length in the ED Protocol system which is a natural Ed treatment guide.

Anyhow, back to the basics on these quick, pump you up workouts… Basically, fifteen minute workouts are a series of exercises done continuously with minimum time to rest and repeated a certain number of times. These types of exercises focus on a certain part of one’s body in order to be effective. One example is this series to strengthen one’s core muscles beginning with completing ten (10) knee raise chin-ups and moving on to ten (10) right side single arm shoulder press, ten (10) left side shoulder press, ten (10) push-ups, and ten (10) triceps extension- these are then repeated three (3) times with a thirty (30) second to one (1) minute rest in between completion of a series.

Given the intensity level and the short period of the fifteen minute workout, one can alternate the series of exercises by focusing on different parts of the body on different days. As one rigorously does this, the person can be assured that he will remain fit, yet would still have enough time in his or her hands to do other necessary activities, like playing music and getting a record deal (not to mention bedroom recreation!)

I personally like to do a 15 minute workout everyday first thing in the morning after I brush my teeth. That way I know that no matter what comes up over the course of the day I will have already gotten my workout in. Other people prefer to do these workouts after work to pump them up for their evening activities, but whenever you choose to do your workout, remember that it is always worthwhile to take the time to do something that is good for your body, your spirit, and your bank account.

How to Start a Career in the Music Industry

guitar picThere are many struggling musicians. Most of them have talent but just do not know what it takes to establish a successful career in the music industry.

How do you achieve a competitive edge over all these other people who want the same thing that you do – a fruitful, productive and rewarding career?

“Career” is the key word. You do not want to just get a job — or several jobs for that matter. You want to establish a long-lasting career. You have to market your talent – which you must have, in the first place, otherwise all else will be pointless – and package yourself as a good investment so that people in the industry will take notice of you. It is not about producing a single record and investing all your time and effort to see that it sells. It means establishing a strong network with people who matter, people who can move your career along, people the likes of thriving bands who may need someone like you, managers, promoters, and record companies.

Seek informational interviews and attend music conferences. Get all the knowledge you can about the industry. Cultivate the acquaintance of people in the industry. Exert the effort to understand the business that you want to get into. Find out how record companies market their artists. Inquire from them what they think are the major changes that the industry will go through. Ask them about the advantages they enjoy over their competitors. Ask them how their artists have managed to establish successful careers.

Talk to a lot of people – recording labels, talent managers, distributors, booking agencies, online marketing companies, and fellow artists. The wider your network or base of contacts is, the better for you.

When you demonstrate that you have a sincere desire to know how to go about establishing a successful career, these people will see you as a valuable business prospect, and not just a run-of-the-mill talent. Concentrate on developing your knowledge and skill, even as you explore job options open in the industry.

Do not wait to be discovered. Take your future into your own hands by creating and actively looking for opportunities. Use all social media platforms available to you – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others. Create a website. Expand your presence in the different social media platforms. Keep a keen eye on projects available and do not tire of applying for them. And when you do get a job – be it an album, a small gig, or a live show, promote, promote, and promote. Create conversations about your work. Interact with your contacts and publicize your projects.

Keep in mind that the things that you do are not merely single, disconnected actions. You should see them as part of an actual long-term well-thought out strategy to sustain your career in this industry.